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Can I Receive Beard Transplant Along with Hair Transplant?

Who needs a plastic surgeon’s consultation?

Correction of appearance is a step that more and more people, both women and men, are deciding on. Someone wants to correct the shape of the ears, someone needs to get rid of skin neoplasms, and someone wants to eliminate the scars left after operations or injuries. In all these cases, plastic surgeons come to the rescue, which eliminate appearance deficiencies through surgery.

  • Removing scars, scars
  • Correcting a shape, face, or individual body parts
  • Removal of neoplasms

Plastic surgeons correct both congenital defects and acquired defects by successfully performing various types of operations.


This is an affordable, safe and quick way to adjust your appearance. The successful practice of tens of thousands of doctors and millions of satisfied patients around the world claims: plastic surgery is effective.

The high efficiency of plastic surgery, the durability of its results and safety for the health of the patient are possible due to the application of three basic principles.

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Most appearance correction interventions can now be performed in an outpatient setting, without hospitalization of the patient, which significantly reduces the cost of treatment. The use of minimally invasive techniques allows you to reduce the length of rehabilitation after surgical plastic as much as possible.

Now you don’t have to go abroad – now you can come to us! We guarantee painlessness, safety and rapid rehabilitation.

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